Saturday, January 24, 2009

Naivete attempts...

Good evening all of you..
I guess its ettiquette to introduce myself after wishing and saying anything further. I have tried to say soemthing about me by answering the W questions (actually didn't know how to start, this is how i thought for "idea-generation" for essays during school days :P)
Who: My blog name is "a 25 year old". Currently i am 25 years old. You might think I'd grow old and can't be "a-25-year-old" forever.. Well, that's the whole idea.. read on.. ;)
What: What am I doing here? Isn't it nice to have a page of your own... Some ego-massaging.. ;)
Why: I was scared of September 12, 2008; and with each passing day, I was moving closer to the day i dreaded the most. It was my 25th birthday. And somehow I felt I had to do some reality check (whew...)
The worst part of growing old is people think its synonymous with "growing up" (according to them, that is) and expect you to behave in a particular way. i wasn't ready for this yet, and didn't want to stick to those "rules" society had framed to suit its own convenience.
I didn't want to grow old anymore, to escape from the compulsory growing-up process. Since this isn't possible and I had to lock my age somewhere, I thought why not stay evergreen in my blog. I can always be a 25 year old here..
Where: Where it all started... Saw an article in a Jet Airways in-flight magazine about blogging and how to do it. Guess that's when the seed was sown.
When: This was my new year resolution.. But this idea of starting my own blog formed itself in my mind (that i consciously know of) sometime between 20-21 January. Didn't have much work at office then.. they say "An idle mind is a devil's workshop" ;)
How: Honestly.. I started doing some research on blogs during free time to have a comman man's perspective on political and business issues (not a businessman, writer, etc. who generally write those columns in newspapers) and hit upon a few nice blogs. I got addicted to a couple of them (not exactly what I was looking for, but beautiful ones), that i finished reading them in a couple of days (They are listed under my favourites). These blogs maybe watered the sown seed.. ;)
One of those was started by the blogger to overcome sorrow; I had faced some reality a couple of days before I read that post. Maybe, this was when it started "sprouting" :P and I decided, I am going to have a blog of my own!! (Thanks you traitors.. Some good actually came out of you.. )
Yippie!! The first post is done-all about myself...
Will try to keep the next blog "not-so-about-myself".