Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toxic Proofreaders!!!

We went to an A.R.Rahman concert last week - my first ever!! I was as excited as one can imagine. This concert was a part of his tour after he had won the TWIN Oscars and soon after ROCKSTAR released. I was in love with the ROCKSTAR album and was full of anticipation.

The concert was arranged well, good selection of songs, good choreography and backdrop. As far as I know, the concert was designed/directed by a person (I don't remember the name and too lazy to search online and anyways the name has nothing much to do with the post :) ) who is worked with Lady Gaga and the sort. In short, it was intended to match up to international standards.

We were mesmerized with the music and the spirit of the people around us. As we left, I checked my Facebook page on my mobile and was surprised to see 2-3 of our friends disappointed by the concert and with AR Rahman himself. I am not saying he is not capable of delivering something unpleasant, but this could not be classified as one by a vast majority of people. At first, we shunned it saying people will have different points of view. Sometime later, we were joking about what they would have wanted that he didn't deliver and jokingly (I don't know which among us said it) realized a philosophy in life - People find faults with A R Rahman; what chance do normal everyday people stand at not being criticized!!!!! What an epiphany!!

People often proofread writings that should be relished for the essence of its contents. There will always be people who complain and act pretty toxic. As long as we know what we are doing, we should shun proofreaders and just DETOXIFY!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Random Ramblings........

Too many thoughts today... some incomplete, some questions, some realizations and some wondering...

First thought that came to my mind in the morning was where would you draw the line between going after what you want and letting nature take its course. I am at this point where I would like to change industries, but I am getting close to an interview only in my previous area of work. So do I interpret this as a sign that I shouldn't change industries or am I not putting in enough effort to get what I want!!!!

As I was combing my hair and re-thought about this in my office restroom, the cleaning lady hummed away while she cleaned the mess. I often see her doing that and feel good. I tend to remember a saying "Koi kaam chota nahi hota" and that whatever we do, even if it's sweeping a place, we should do it whole-heartedly and happily. This incident inspired me, but I was as confused as before. But her hum at least got me to my seat with some inspiration.

This frustration got to me!! I was kind of close to being mean to two people. I will always regret that!! Well, one of them has a history of being mean, so I shouldn't be bothering, but still bugs me. The other was a poor taxi driver - his fellow men seem to have created a bad image of themselves in my head I guess. I tried to be nice as I got down!! My frustration combined with their image in my head brought out the meanness in me!! Whew!! I wonder what is it in us that makes us feel guilty even if we have been victims ourselves at some point!! This voice in my head that rebukes me - Is it my weakness or my conscience?????

Coming home, as I sat quietly for a minute, I had an epiphany. Life is never going to be perfect. I am going to have complaints about my work, workplace, bosses or my pay all the time!! I am not going to have them all at the same time (unless its a miracle) There is no end to dissatisfaction, so though I should follow my dream and hope for things to be better, I shouldn't be beating myself up.

Now, Now, That feels better.. putting all my thoughts down did help!!

But my question remains unanswered, where does one draw the line between chasing him dreams and letting the universe to put things together!!!! :):)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not so funny....

What is it about humor? Is it so difficult to crack a good joke? Have you tried telling jokes? Are they your own or are they off the forwards you received? Are they classy or puerile? What defines good humor? Do your jokes make your audience go ROFL or :) or oh!!

Humor looks easy, but is quite an art. Forget about repeating jokes you read somewhere, it takes a certain amount of intelligence and "being there" to make people crack up on day-to-day things. It's quite risky!!!! It could be something in your head and completely something else when you blurt it out.

I have a thing for humor, at least in the use of language in a humorous way. Oh Yeah I do!!! Looking at my previous posts you may color me serious or philosophical, but that's just one side of me.

Anyways, I have tried a few times, though not all of them were conscious attempts at trying to get people go ROFL. I am not even good at it, even if half of them work out, I'd be happy.

Sometimes, the audience doesn't relate to what I say (language barriers) while at other times it is the incidents referred to. But yeah, when I see a ROFL, I do get happy!!! :) Sometimes a :) also makes me go :), but when it comes with raised eyebrows makes me :(

Anyways, I am trying to achieve some success. My most recent made me feel I was becoming the queen of PJs. Most of these I murmur to myself and it sounds funny in my head.  But sense of humor does keep you relaxed, even if you tell jokes to yourself. You don't need a Russell Peters for that. But making fun of people can backfire (unlike Russell Peters), so its risky business for lesser mortals. Wonder how many people wanted to throw stones at Mr. Peters before he became this famous and make fun of THE Mrs. Junior Bachchan !!! ROFL

When I looked out the window...

How often do we pick up some of our old belongings like pictures or diaries and reminisce!! Well, the diary I picked up wasn't that old , but I read what I had written a few months ago which was a longer and better version of my previous post. I had forgotten about it.  Writing something down and reading it later will surprise the (amateur) writer, it feels like our thoughts were frozen in time and we are revisiting them.

Anyways, I thought it would make a good post. So here it is.... My little pearls of Wisdom!!!!

"Somethings are out of place-not everything that's happening should be happening, IDEALLY. But this is not an ideal world. I am only grateful that all of these didn't happen to me and I have the leisure of giving a commentary when life is going on; like looking through the window onto the street.
  1. (At the risk of repeating myself :) ) The past is not an indicator of the future!!
  2.  Wherever you are in life, it is sure that you will not stay there forever. Tables turn and "Karma" does exist. You may end up being on the other side of the table. 
  3. Nobody's life is perfect. Of course, perfection is subjective, but everyone's life has a real flaw (like having dysfunctional family, money issues, health issues, job issues, relationship issues)
  4. Life is not fair. An even playing ground does not exist. Your success in life depends on a lot of parameters- not all controlled. It depends luck, where you are, what you are, who you are, who you know, what you know and what you can do.
  5. There is no rule book. People always respond to how you are with them.
  6. No individual has the authority to judge whether you are good or not. These are opinions and are subjective. It helps to be selectively deaf and mute.
  7. There is always an other side to the story.
  8. True friends are always there with you, no matter what s#!t you are in. 
  9. Humanity still exists - some faceless strangers help you often
  10. Career and money are not the barometers of success. They are only tools to living a life that one wants to live well.
  11. Less is more.
  12. Never talk about people, because some day you will regret it.
  13. Live like a child. A child believes that everything in the world is possible."

Friday, September 23, 2011

Haunted??? (Not the great MIMOH blockbuster... ROFL)

"Past is not an indicator of the future"

Trust me, I did not hear this from a monk who sold his expensive car or a Spanish writer who wrote about a Chemistry genius!!! I read this in a place where philosophy is least expected-in a finance textbook under a chapter on FORECASTING!!! :):)

Forecasting involves projecting your future based on your past, but does life really work on those principles??? Fortunately or otherwise, I have now reached that stage in life when I can look back and say, "In those days... " (painful, believe me :D). Nevertheless, it has offered me some experiences to understand life.

I took a year's break and felt I had come to a stop, my life had come to a stand still when everyone else was running towards their goals. I felt I was left behind and was depressed pretty often.

Apart from a few low moments here and there, I felt I had the opportunity to stop and understand life- mine and that of the others.
  • I understood life is not static, the tables always turn. What I am today, is not because of what I was yesterday and will not show what I will be tomorrow. I realized that the saying "this too shall pass" actually is true. I could have been a rank holder, but an average student in my class could be doing much better than me in life. (sometimes I feel they teach you the wrong skills at school. They are more academic than functional and practical). And this why your past shouldn't haunt you.
  • Most people have become selfish. Their friendships are based on how good their "contacts" will look like. Friendship has become complicated. Old friends still do not get angry when you get in touch years later, the conversations start where you left it!! :)
  • Not everything is what it seems: How often have we looked at someone's life and wondered "Wow, he's doing good... I wish I was him" If you knew everything about him, you would take your words back. No one's life is perfect, the way they handle it could be.
So precisely, your past doesn't necessarily determine who you are and what you will be. Nothing from the past should stop you from living your future. That means no heartbreaks, interview rejections and admission turn-downs decide what you are. In the end, its all about how things turn out EVENTUALLY. :) :)