Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not so funny....

What is it about humor? Is it so difficult to crack a good joke? Have you tried telling jokes? Are they your own or are they off the forwards you received? Are they classy or puerile? What defines good humor? Do your jokes make your audience go ROFL or :) or oh!!

Humor looks easy, but is quite an art. Forget about repeating jokes you read somewhere, it takes a certain amount of intelligence and "being there" to make people crack up on day-to-day things. It's quite risky!!!! It could be something in your head and completely something else when you blurt it out.

I have a thing for humor, at least in the use of language in a humorous way. Oh Yeah I do!!! Looking at my previous posts you may color me serious or philosophical, but that's just one side of me.

Anyways, I have tried a few times, though not all of them were conscious attempts at trying to get people go ROFL. I am not even good at it, even if half of them work out, I'd be happy.

Sometimes, the audience doesn't relate to what I say (language barriers) while at other times it is the incidents referred to. But yeah, when I see a ROFL, I do get happy!!! :) Sometimes a :) also makes me go :), but when it comes with raised eyebrows makes me :(

Anyways, I am trying to achieve some success. My most recent made me feel I was becoming the queen of PJs. Most of these I murmur to myself and it sounds funny in my head.  But sense of humor does keep you relaxed, even if you tell jokes to yourself. You don't need a Russell Peters for that. But making fun of people can backfire (unlike Russell Peters), so its risky business for lesser mortals. Wonder how many people wanted to throw stones at Mr. Peters before he became this famous and make fun of THE Mrs. Junior Bachchan !!! ROFL

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