Friday, September 23, 2011

Haunted??? (Not the great MIMOH blockbuster... ROFL)

"Past is not an indicator of the future"

Trust me, I did not hear this from a monk who sold his expensive car or a Spanish writer who wrote about a Chemistry genius!!! I read this in a place where philosophy is least expected-in a finance textbook under a chapter on FORECASTING!!! :):)

Forecasting involves projecting your future based on your past, but does life really work on those principles??? Fortunately or otherwise, I have now reached that stage in life when I can look back and say, "In those days... " (painful, believe me :D). Nevertheless, it has offered me some experiences to understand life.

I took a year's break and felt I had come to a stop, my life had come to a stand still when everyone else was running towards their goals. I felt I was left behind and was depressed pretty often.

Apart from a few low moments here and there, I felt I had the opportunity to stop and understand life- mine and that of the others.
  • I understood life is not static, the tables always turn. What I am today, is not because of what I was yesterday and will not show what I will be tomorrow. I realized that the saying "this too shall pass" actually is true. I could have been a rank holder, but an average student in my class could be doing much better than me in life. (sometimes I feel they teach you the wrong skills at school. They are more academic than functional and practical). And this why your past shouldn't haunt you.
  • Most people have become selfish. Their friendships are based on how good their "contacts" will look like. Friendship has become complicated. Old friends still do not get angry when you get in touch years later, the conversations start where you left it!! :)
  • Not everything is what it seems: How often have we looked at someone's life and wondered "Wow, he's doing good... I wish I was him" If you knew everything about him, you would take your words back. No one's life is perfect, the way they handle it could be.
So precisely, your past doesn't necessarily determine who you are and what you will be. Nothing from the past should stop you from living your future. That means no heartbreaks, interview rejections and admission turn-downs decide what you are. In the end, its all about how things turn out EVENTUALLY. :) :)