Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Toxic Proofreaders!!!

We went to an A.R.Rahman concert last week - my first ever!! I was as excited as one can imagine. This concert was a part of his tour after he had won the TWIN Oscars and soon after ROCKSTAR released. I was in love with the ROCKSTAR album and was full of anticipation.

The concert was arranged well, good selection of songs, good choreography and backdrop. As far as I know, the concert was designed/directed by a person (I don't remember the name and too lazy to search online and anyways the name has nothing much to do with the post :) ) who is worked with Lady Gaga and the sort. In short, it was intended to match up to international standards.

We were mesmerized with the music and the spirit of the people around us. As we left, I checked my Facebook page on my mobile and was surprised to see 2-3 of our friends disappointed by the concert and with AR Rahman himself. I am not saying he is not capable of delivering something unpleasant, but this could not be classified as one by a vast majority of people. At first, we shunned it saying people will have different points of view. Sometime later, we were joking about what they would have wanted that he didn't deliver and jokingly (I don't know which among us said it) realized a philosophy in life - People find faults with A R Rahman; what chance do normal everyday people stand at not being criticized!!!!! What an epiphany!!

People often proofread writings that should be relished for the essence of its contents. There will always be people who complain and act pretty toxic. As long as we know what we are doing, we should shun proofreaders and just DETOXIFY!!

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