Sunday, June 10, 2012

On being a bibilophile and book "reviews"

Being literate means one can read and write at least one language (other than knowing a little arithmetic). But some of us go a lot beyond that - We read books. Some go a little further - they LOVE reading, a diminishing interest. Ironically, books are more available now compared to any time in the past. Libraries in the neighborhood and schools were the mostly used sources.
Though I love it that we can find any book online, I do miss the way a book smells. Ardent readers (bibliophiles rather , who are in love with BOOKS besides READING) don't find electronic devices as a replacement to the good old book. Being a bibliophile myself, taking me to a book shop lifts my spirits (the other place being a coffee shop) 
This is my Happiness Equation ;)

I started reading when I was 6-7 years old, which were mainly Amar Chitra Katha, Tinkle and other children's books.  I started appreciating good literature when I was 13 and loved classics like many other girls. Adulthood was a period when there wasn't as much reading as collecting books. But that's what growing up does to you - when one needs to take on "responsibilities" and what we actually love doing goes to the background.
In spite of the pressures, even if I did read them, I could not remember how much I liked them and how exactly it felt when I devoured them. I still remember that I cried when I read Oliver Twist and David Copperfield when I was a kid and that I was deeply affected by the ending of Crime and Punishment, which was a little too heavy for a 15 year old. I also remember that I preferred to finish a book late in the night so I could let it sink in.
Now that I don't remember much of what I read lately and there isn't enough time to read a book more than once, I have decided to capture my emotions in the form of a "review", if you will.  Even I was skeptical to call it a review , but after a little thought I realized that I bought the book and took time out to read it. I guess I can take the freedom to write a review, as long as I don't defame the writer.
Hope to read more, at least to keep updating this blog and act upon two of my resolutions ;)

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